Commercial vehicle insurance, or commercial auto insurance, is a type of insurance that you can purchase if you have a business that uses a motorized vehicle to carry passengers or cargo. These kinds of policies are often purchased by taxi companies, delivery services and other businesses with vehicles that require coverage while they're in operation.

Why you need commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is a necessity for businesses that operate trucks and other large vehicles fleet. It can be difficult to know whether or not your business needs commercial vehicle coverage, but there are several reasons why it's important:

  • The consequences of not having Commercial Vehicle Insurance Nz can be severe. If you get into an accident while driving without proper coverage, you may have to pay out of pocket for damages and injuries sustained by other parties involved in the accident. In addition to having legal penalties levied against you by law enforcement officials (and potentially paying fines), this could also lead to negative publicity if word gets out that your company was involved in an accident without proper coverage on hand.
  • Finding the right company takes time--but there are ways around it! You should always look at several different companies' policies before settling on one specific plan; some offer better deals than others based on factors like age or driving record history (or lack thereof). Also consider where each provider does business--do they cover all 50 states? Or just certain ones?

 Commercial Vehicle Insurance policies

What kinds of coverage does commercial vehicle insurance provide?

Commercial vehicle insurance policies cover a variety of risks. The most common types of coverage include:

  • Liability coverage, which provides protection from claims made by others due to bodily injury or property damage sustained in an accident you cause.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays for repairs to your vehicle if it's damaged in an accident or stolen.
  • Gap insurance, which reimburses you for the difference between what your auto loan balance is and the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle at time of loss (if there's not enough money available through either one). This type of policy is often required by lenders when buying used cars with loans attached because they want to protect themselves against loss if something happens to their collateral during the term of their loan agreement.

Commercial fleet owners also need tow truck service providers on speed dial should an accident occur on their premises; otherwise they may find themselves liable for any damages caused by leaving stranded motorists behind while waiting for help!

You don't have to drive a big rig to need commercial vehicle insurance

You don't have to drive a big rig to need commercial vehicle insurance. It's designed for any vehicle that is used commercially, whether it's a truck or some other type of vehicle.

The insurance covers the truck, not the driver; the cargo, not the owner; and even trailers if they are attached when an accident happens.

Commercial vehicle insurance is designed to protect the business that owns and uses the vehicle, as well as anyone else who may be involved in an accident. It's important for anyone who drives a commercial vehicle to have this type of coverage because it protects them from any costs associated with accidents.


The answer to the question "Do I need commercial vehicle insurance?" is yes. If you own or operate a commercial vehicle, then it's important for you to understand what kind of coverage will protect your assets in case of an accident. This type of insurance may seem complicated at first glance, but we can help you find the right policy for your business needs at an affordable price.